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The Secret to a worry-free holiday by Jan Michellardi


      It’s a given ---we’re always looking forward to the holidays. Those few days off when we can spend time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and jet off abroad, or go to that new local island that those travel bloggers discovered. We book our tickets in advance and plan our itineraries meticulously: we’d spend work days daydreaming about laying out in the beach, trekking some mountain or just walking the streets of a foreign place. We get so caught up in the excitement and anticipation that we sometimes forget the essentials--- a toothbrush, some travel documents or, say, securing a good travel insurance policy.

      Don’t roll your eyes at me. I know you’re already spending so much in your holiday and its just an additional expense. I also know the word ’insurance’ usually scares many of us off, what with the direct thought of it being expensive. Insurance companies know that, too.

     “In the Philippines, insurance is a product that needs to be sold,“said Fortune General’s president Mitch Relosa. I’ts a matter of economics---you’d rather buy a plain ticket, you’d rather buy the essentials. Here, it’s not consider an essential, it’s a frill.“It has a negative connotation, almost baneful to run-off-the-mill travelers.

      But truth is, it’ s not at all bad--- you pay once before you travel. and you get coverage pf Php1 to 2.5 million. Before you rattle on about how expensive insurance is, let me tell you this:  it’s reasonable and relatively cheap ( it starts at almost just the same amount as our travel tax--gasp!)

       But maybe the big question is--- do you actually need it? If you’re just going to laze around in some beach and not go to a high risk adventure holiday, how bad can it be? Well, the things is, you never know what can happen. Traveling starts the minute you get out of your house, get to the airport and carries on once you reach your destination and only stops once you get back home. In that time, a lot unforeseen things can happen such as:


        The secret to a worry-
                        By Jan Michellardi free holiday
                            Find out travel insurance is not a frill but a








Plane tickets, save for budget fares, are usually one of the biggest investment of a trio. Anyone would hate for it go to waste when a flight gets cancelled. It happens, and when it does, you have to fork out more money to buy another one.

How insurance helps: Speaking to Mitch Rellosa of Fortune General, their Travel Access package ensures  that the insured will be indemnified a certain amount of money which he /she can use to purchase another ticket.


Even the simplest things ca ruin a trip. You might have dropped your passport while shopping in Bangkok. You might have left your wallet with your cards in it some eatery in India and you come back for it only find out it’s gone.

How insurance helps: Instead of dealing with international authorities on your own, you can just call the insurance’s hotline (Fortune General has one in every major city in the world), deal with a person whos speak your language, and be given the necessary amount for you to obtain replacement   IDs and passport. Should you lose a credit card, they’d advance money on your behalf.


You’re at the baggage carousel, watching luggage pass by, waiting for your own but then the carousel stops and you’re the only one waiting . . . For nothing. Misrouted baggage is scary in itself but completely losing all your things is a nightmare.

How insurance helps: One report and they’ll give you a certain amount to cover the expenses of shopping for basic necessities.


let’s face it: we don’t want to get sick while traveling. Not only does it ruin the whole point of the trip, it’s also extra cost . And doctor’s consultations and pharmaceuticals don’t come cheap, especially if you’re in a foreign country.

How insurance helps: For any illness or injury that is manifested  while traveling or accidental and not pre-existing, insurance policies covers the necessary costs of breitling navitimer fake replica omega watches uk fake cartier watches uk cheap omega iwc replica patek philippe replica uk breitling replica prescriptions, hospitalization, surgery, or medical evacuation (if need be).


This is the last thing you would want to happen while traveling but, even with the slightest possibility, it could.

How  to insurance helps: Should you die in a foreign country, insurance will cover the costs of repatriating (or sending back) your mortal remains back to the country.


     Being insured basically protects you from almost any  unfortunate and unforeseen circumstance while traveling. From the simple loss to the extreme cases of death, you want to know that you’ll be fine, whatever happens.It protects not only you personally, but also the financial investment that you’ve put in a certain trip---may it bo local or international. It’s all about peace of mind. It’s all about being worry-free and not thinking about what-ifs because surely, that’s not how you’d want to spend your holiday. You’d want to relax. You want to enjoy, and being insured is a surefire is a surefire way to make that happen.