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    Marine Insurance is an insurance against risks connected with navigation, transportation or any stage in the preparation for shipment to which a ship, cargo, frieght, profit or other insurance interest on a movable properties may be exposed to the perils of the sea during voyage shipment.
Cargo (Ocean, Inland, Air)
  • Ocean Marine
    Cargo carried by vessel capable of undertaking ocean voyage wheter for imports or exports.

  • Inter-island
    Cargo carried by waterborne vessels within Philippine territorial waters.

  • Inland-Marine
    Cargo carried by trucks or railways within the country.

  • Inland Marine Policies
      Truck Risk Clause

    Standard Coverages
    • Fire
    • Collision
    • Overturning or upset of truck
    • Collapse or subsidence of bridges
    • Explosion

    Optional Coverages
    • Flood, lightning, cyclone, tornado
    • Loading and unloading
    • Losses whilst the unit is on stop at an allowed territory
    • Robbery & Hi-jacking

    From: time goods are loaded on carrying vehicle

    Until: time goods are unloaded from carrying vehicle

  • Air
    Dispatch of goods by airfreight wheter inter-island or international.