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Your property has always been a great asset for you.  Losing your property due to fire, natural calamities, or other perils would result to a great financial loss. Securing a FIRE INSURANCE from Fortune General guarantees protection against these threats!

Fire and Lightning
The basic fire insurance coverage provides protection for the value of your physical properties. It guarantees to pay for the loss and/or damages as a result of fire and/or lightning.
Properties that can be covered under FIRE INSURANCE :
    Commercial / Schools / Offices
    Contents inside these buildings can also be insured such as :
    Furniture, fixtures and fitting
    Machinery and equipment
The basic fire policy can cover any or all of the following :
Improvements – change or make-over added to your property that were not there before like :
    Built in cabinets
Rental Income – the income received from the use or occupation of a property
Optional Coverages
You can avail of additional coverage that suits your complex requirements and your hard earned income.
Earthquake -    Earthquake and fire / Earthquake Shock
This extension covers for damages or losses due to earthquake.
Typhoon Cover – this covers your property against loss or damage due to typhoon.
Flood Cover - covers loss or damage of your property against direct result of flood.
Extended Coverage – this covers your properties from loss against smoke damage, falling aircraft, vehicle impact and explosion.
Riot, Strike, and Malicious Damage – covers your property against loss or damage caused by :
    Strikers & locked-out workers
    Persons disturbing the peace
Lawful authorities acting to suppress/prevent the disturbance
Robbery and Burglary – pays for the loss or damage to your property, consequent upon forcible and violent entry to or exit from your premises and by means of violence against or intimidation of any person or by using force.
 Comprehensive Residential Package Policy

   Protection against loss/damage to building and contents as a result of:

  • fire and lightning
  • explosion
  • vehicle or animal impact?
  • riot, strikes, civil commotion, & malicious damage
  • aircraft damage
  • water damage
  • theft or housebreaking
  • flood
  • earthquake 
  • typhoon

Protection against loss of rent

  • building uninhabitable due to a contingency
  • reinstatement of damaged building
    •  accidental death and permanent disablement for the:
  • person insured
  • insured’s family immediate
  • insured’s brothers and sisters
    •  family public liability
  • bodily injury
  • damage to property
    • legal expenses
  • mirror and frozen foods
  • breakage of fixed mirrors
  • loss or damage to frozen foods
    • servants property
  • loss or damage to servants content
    • sanitary fixtures and fittings
  • breakage of fixed fixtures & fittings
    • all risks
  • loss or damage to property as described in the All Risk Schedule