Claim Servicing

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Personal Accident Insurance Claims

Documents Needed

  • Preliminary Loss Report 
  • Adjusters Report/Bill 
  • Policy/Certificate of Insurance 
  • Invoice/Official Receipt 
  • Police Report/Affidavit
  • Death Certificate/ Certificate of Post Mortem Examination
  • Medical Certificate/Clinical Abstract/Record
  • Hospital Bills & Receipts 
  • Medical Receipts
  • Funeral/Burial Receipts
  • Proof of Relationship of the claimant to the victim
  • (Birth Certificate/Marriage Contract/Certificate/Affidavit)
  • Picture/s (if there is any)

 File a Personal Accident Claim

Call FGIC Claims Hotline immediately or the branch office servicing nearest you to report the incident.  In case either is not available, you can report a claim online.