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Motorcar Insurance Claims

Roadside Accident

  1. Seek assistance of a traffic enforcer or go to the nearest police station to report the incident or loss and obtain a written report
  2. Accomplish the Motorcar Incident Report Form (click here download file) attached to your policy.
  3. Take pictures of the involved vehicles if a camera is available
  4. Prepare a sketch of the accident and have the third party driver countersign it
  5. Drive your vehicle to any of our Claims Evaluation Center if your vehicle can still be safely driven
  6. Reminder :  Do not admit any liability or offer any settlement without first obtaining your insurer’s approval

File a Motorcar Claim

Call FGIC Claims Hotline immediately or the branch office servicing nearest you to report the incident.  In case either is not available, you can report a claim online.

Towing Services

For towing needs, call EA Philippines hotline at (632)812-7878 if you have roadside assistance coverage in your policy.  In the absence of their cover, you may call our Makati Evaluation Center at (02)893-8895 / (02)893-8047 

Towing Assistance

2nd Floor, Mazda Building, Don Chino Roces
Corner Sabio Street, Brgy. San Lorenzo
1231 Makati City, Metro Manila
Admin No.: (632) 894-4357
Fax Nos.: (632) 894-4922 / (632) 894-1622
Hotline No. : (632) 812-7878

Documents Needed

For Own Damage / Third Party Claim
•    Accident Report
•    Photocopy of Insurance Policy
•    Proof of payment/official receipt of your insurance premium (both required for third party claim)
•    Endorsement, if any
•    Photocopy of the Certificate of Registration of the insured unit (both required for third party claim)
•    Photocopy of the Current Official Receipt of Registration (both required for third party claim)
•    Photocopy of the Driver’s License and Official Receipt (both required for third party claim)
•    Stencils of motor number and serial/chasses number (both required for third party claim)
•    Police report and/or duly notarized affidavit of incident
•    Repair Estimate of the damaged unit
•    Pictures of the insured damaged unit, third party vehicles or properties involved
•    Certificate of No Claim for third party vehicles

For Bodily Injury
•    Aside from the above documents, the following are required :
•    Whereabouts of the insured unit, third party vehicles or victims, if any
•    Medical or Death Certificate, as the case may be
•    Official Receipts for funeral, burial and/or medical expenses
•    Claimant’s proof of status as legal beneficiary or guardian, if injured victim is a minor

Evaluation Center

2113 Chino Roces (formerly Pasong Tamo)
corner Dela Rosa Sts., Makati City
Tel. Nos.: 893-8895 / 893-8047
Fax No. : 819-1202
Contact Number : Sherwyn Tobias or Jeffrey Garcia

Crossing Bo. San Roque, Sto. Tomas, Batangas
Tel. Nos.: (043) 778-1227 / (043) 778-1225
Fax No. : 520-6601 (Manila Line)
Contact Person : Jeron Discipulo

Fortune Insurance Group Bldg.,
Rizal St., Pigcale, Legazpi City
Tel. Nos.: (052) 481-6054 / (052) 820-1208
Fax No. : (052) 429-1593
Contact Person : Anthony Blasa

Colago Avenue, Brgy. 1-A
San Pablo City, Laguna
Tel Nos. : (049) 562-9996 / (049) 800-3040
Fax No. : (049) 562-8200
Contact Person : Ricky Manza

Car Repair

Please make arrangements with the Claims Assistant servicing your claim. PLEASE DO NOT PROCEED WITH THE REPAIR OF YOUR DAMAGED VEHICLE without clearance and/or approval from Fortune General Insurance Corporation.

List of Accredited Adjusters

•    Manila Adjusters and Surveyors (MASCO)      -     Jun Mendoza  (817-5428, 817-4959)

•    BA Insight International, Inc                           -     Beth Arzadon (818-3155)  and  Rogelio Serrano  (818-8588)

•    Crawford & Company Phils., Inc.                   -      Ronaldo Sarabia (817-3912/63, 817-3992, 810-6862)

•    Chartered Adjusters, Inc                               -      Atty. Rodolfo Lat (921-7422, 929-1471)

•    Henry Hunter Bayne Adjusters, Inc.               -      Engr. Abet de Leon (309-1816, 494-5245)